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We are an Award-Winning Global Digital Marketing Company with a Presence in Chennai and Dublin​

Welcome to Radian Points, where our expertise in digital marketing transforms businesses. Founded in 2022 by Siddharth and Naveen, we have established a new paradigm in data-driven marketing strategies.

Our comprehensive services, including Business Website Development, Shopify Ecommerce Website development, SEO, Social Media Ads, and Graphic Designing, are meticulously tailored to elevate the client businesses.

With operations from Chennai and Dublin, our global presence equips us with unique insights into diverse market dynamics, enabling us to deliver solutions underpinned by global marketing experience.

At the core of our approach is a commitment to harnessing the power of data. In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, we transform every interaction into actionable insights, developing strategies that consistently outperform the competition and placing our clients at the forefront of their industries.

Our dedication to client commitment has been recognized with several accolades, including the prestigious Best Brand Partner award of 2023 by STW, reflecting our relentless pursuit of excellence and impactful brand partnerships.

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End To End Digital Marketing Services

At Radian Points, we offer tailored, comprehensive digital marketing solutions with a data-driven focus to maximize ROI and online presence. Our end-to-end services, from strategy to execution, are dedicated to driving measurable business growth

Website Services

Website Development

To create a successful e-commerce website that turns visitors into customers, we need to think about different factors, including the website's appearance, speed, user experience, and accessibility, among many others.
Every digital marketing strategist will agree that a well-optimized and functional website is crucial for driving more traffic, increasing conversions, and boosting sales for the business. It's the most important aspect compared to other marketing elements for most niches.
Tech Stack
We are experts in customizing WordPress, Shopify, and WooCommerce platforms to their fullest potential. We understand the importance of creating visually appealing, user-friendly, and SEO-optimized websites that attract organic traffic and value hugely while building the websites.
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Websites Portfolio

Here are some of the websites that we have developed for our clients.

SEO Services


In today's highly competitive digital world, being at the top of Google search results is vital for businesses to grow and boost sales. It's about increasing traffic and attracting the right audience seeking your products or services.
Through effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO), we ensure your business appears prominently on search engine results pages, increasing visibility and driving targeted traffic to your website. As a digital marketing company, we value the significance of this and possess the skills to drive relevant and high-quality traffic to your website in an ethical way.
Industries we have worked with
At Radian Points, we have vast experience working with major industries, including E-Commerce, Home Automation, Interior Designing, Overseas Educational Consultancy, Wedding Photography, Event Management, IT Corporates, and more.
Regarding SEO, our principle remains the same. Content is King, and the quality of backlinks is more important than quantity.
We place great importance on researching and building suitable backlinks from relevant and reputable sources in an organic way. Our focus is on creating high-quality backlinks that align with the niche and industry of our clients rather than pursuing backlinks from irrelevant sites. This strategy ensures our clients' best results and helps us improve their website's ranking and visibility.

SEO Portfolio

We have achieved remarkable results for some of our clients, and we’d like to share them with you. To learn more about our SEO services and our plans, how we can help your business succeed, click on the ‘SEO Services’ button below.

Google Ads Services

Google Ads

Our Google Ads services are perfect for businesses that want to reach their potential customers directly. We utilize a highly effective approach to drive high-quality leads to your business precisely when they are actively searching for products or services that align with what you offer.
Google Ads is a powerful tool that we use to increase website traffic, generate more inquiries, and ultimately boost sales and revenue for your business.
We focus on maintaining a high-quality score and regularly optimizing landing pages and campaigns to ensure cost efficiency. It helps the business reduce the cost per click and lead. As a highly experienced digital marketing company, we are well-versed in ethical strategies to help you rank above your competitors on search engines.
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Google Ads Services Portfolio

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Google Ads

SMM Services

Social Media Marketing​

Social media platforms are becoming increasingly popular, with over 58% of the population actively engaged on these platforms, and the number continues to grow. By utilizing social media, we can directly position our businesses in front of our ideal and targeted customers.
The remarkable aspect of social media marketing lies in its ability to target specific audiences based on age, demographics, and interests, all at a much lower cost than other marketing methods.
Radian Points, a top-tier digital marketing company, have learned through our experiences that social media marketing campaigns hold immense potential when strategized and optimized correctly. We consistently observe that the return on investment from these campaigns surpasses all other marketing channels for most businesses.

SMM Portfolio

We have achieved impressive results for some of our clients, and we would like to showcase them to you. To explore our Social Media Marketing Services and to see our portfolio in detail, click on the ‘Social Media Marketing Services’ button below.

Graphics Designing Services

Graphics Designing​

Our graphic design team produces eye-catching social media graphics, compelling animated videos, and engaging infographics to attract your customers. By harnessing the power of design, your brand can easily stand out amidst the digital noise and leave a memorable impact on your audience.
As a digital marketing company, we bring expertise in creating visually stunning designs that perfectly align with your digital marketing goals. Our in-depth knowledge of design principles and market trends enables us to attract different target audiences through visually appealing graphics effectively. Incorporating our design services into your business will undoubtedly be a valuable asset.

Graphics Designing Portfolio

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Satisfied Customers

Client Works

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I am highly impressed with the exceptional results we achieved through their Social Media and Google Ads services. What sets them apart is their visionary team, always going above and beyond their commitments. They took the time to meet me personally at the hospital, explaining their strategies in detail with pen and paper, ensuring complete transparency. They made sure I understood the process, including the reasons for the timeline and costs involved. They also created a stunning ad for our hospital and managed the entire process of running it in nearby theaters. Their comprehensive services and dedication have already made them a top digital marketing company, and I have no doubt they will continue to thrive and grow even further.
Dr. Saravanan
Founder and Managing Director of RKP Multi-Speciality Hospitals in Chennai.
We have been in the construction industry for over 25 years, and when we decided to venture into the teak woods business, we recognized the need for a strong digital presence to accelerate our growth. That's when we found Radian Points, and they have been exceptional partners. In just three months, they have transformed us into a recognized brand, and the results have exceeded our expectations. Through their Social Media ads, we now receive around 6 enquiries daily, and Google Maps has been generating 2 more leads every day. The return on investment has been outstanding, and we now trust them completely with their ideas and strategies. What truly makes Radian Points a top digital marketing company, in my opinion, is their remarkable dedication to their clients. As a busy business owner, my time is limited, and I can only spare time after 9 PM. Yet, Radian Points has been more than accommodating, always available to discuss ideas and address any concerns I may have. Their availability, professionalism, and down-to-earth approach have impressed me the most, making them a standout partner for our business.
Salai Akila Sundaram
Founder and Managing Director of Salai Teak Woods.
We chose to work with team Radian to create an e-commerce website for our business, and the experience with Siddharth & Naveen has been absolutely top-notch. Their approach to the entire project was highly professional, and what stood out the most was their "never say no" and "unconditional" attitude towards all our requirements, no matter how many we had! Even after the project's completion, they continue to feel like an integral part of 'our' team. We highly recommend them for all your digital requirements. Their dedication and commitment are commendable, making them a reliable choice for any digital project.
Indrajith Kalidasan
Founder and Managing Director of Decor Corner
We engaged Radian Points to create a landing page and manage our Google ads, and the results have been outstanding. They dedicate time every day to ensure our ads appear at the top of the page and attract the right audience. We have previously worked with two other agencies for Google Ads, but Radian Points surpasses them all as the best digital marketing agency in Chennai. What sets them apart is the excellent communication and accessibility. Whenever I want to check on the progress or discuss strategies, I can simply call my project manager, and they are always ready to assist. I highly recommend Radian Points for their exceptional services!
Sandeep Shanmugam
Founder and Managing Director of Study Ireland


Frequently Asked Questions

Radian Points is one of the best digital marketing companies due to multiple factors.

1) Client success above all else.
2) Transparency with the clients from Budget Planning to delivery.
3) Ethical Practices – Strictly adhering to White hat techniques.
4) Strong Technical Knowledge combined with experience.
5) Ability to Create Innovative but practical solutions to complex problems.

Combining these factors, Radian Points is one of the best digital marketing companies a business can opt for.

Radian Points has offices in two locations:
1) Chennai, India, and
2) Dublin, Ireland.

The address of the Chennai office :
V4U Om Manor, Marutham St, K K Nagar, Peerkankaranai, Tambaram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600063.
GST Number :

The address of the Dublin office :
8 Emorville Ave, Portobello, Dublin 8, Ireland D08 W8Y9.

We offer our digital marketing services worldwide.

The timeline for seeing results from digital marketing depends on various factors, including
1) Your Industry/Niche
2) Your Budget
3) Your Level of Competition
4) Campaign Objectives
5) Your Current State

More often than not, around 3-4 months, you can begin to see results around the 3-4 month mark.

At Radian Points, we collaborate closely with our clients to set realistic expectations and provide regular updates on the progress of their digital marketing efforts. We make sure to ensure that all our clients stay informed and have a clear understanding of the timeline for achieving their desired outcomes.

Absolutely! At Radian Points, we take pride in providing end-to-end digital marketing solutions for your brand. It allows us to maintain a consistent tone across all omni-channels.

With our skilled team and in-depth knowledge of the digital marketing landscape, we are well-equipped to optimize your online presence and achieve remarkable growth for your brand.

“At Radian Points, we stress the importance of helping our clients grasp the significance of measuring digital marketing results. Whether it’s tracking organic traffic, cost per click, cost per lead, or any other vital metrics, setting up dashboards is essential. This practice allows us, as a digital marketing company, to gauge performance and empower our clients to identify and enhance areas of improvement over time.

Therefore, we firmly believe that ‘if you’re not measuring, you’re guessing,’ and in business, guesswork rarely leads to consistent success.”