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Google Ads 

When people require a solution or a service, they come and look for it on Google.

Google Ads allows us to get noticed at the top of the search and drive traffic to our website, increase sales, or generate more leads. The results of running Google Ads are immediate & not like organic techniques such as SEO. 

What does the data say?


Billions of searches are being performed on Google every day.

Google Ads makes sure that potential customers notice your company or service when they search for it.  

Different Types of Ads to Drive Traffic


Search Ads

To show in the first search page of Google.

Untitled design(1).png

Display Ads

To display at the related adspaces on relevant websites.

Untitled design(2).png

Shopping Ads

To show upfront under the shopping section in Google.

Untitled design(3).png

Video Ads

To reach and engage viewers on YouTube and across the Web.

Untitled design(4).png

Discovery Ads

To show on YouTube, Gmail, Discover and more.

Why Radian Points for Google Ads?​

Official Partner of Google Ads.

Highly performing keyword planner tools in the hands of certified experts allows us to optimize the Quality Scores and Rank of your ads to reduce the cost of running ads in the longer run.

Regular discussion of the ROI metrics with the clients.

Periodic optimization of the Ad campaigns to keep up with the market to constantly exceed performance.

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