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LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is the best medium for business-to-business (B2B) marketing because of its strong focus on targeted inbound and enterprise connections. While bringing visibility to your firm, LinkedIn advertising also offers many ways to search through potential client business lead profiles.

The built-in messaging system on LinkedIn also allows the businesses to reach out instantly to likely customers or other businesses. 


What does the data say?


More than 80% of the B2B leads for businesses come from LinkedIn.

Compared to Facebook, it generates leads more than 275% effectively.

Accounts to nearly 50% of the traffic coming to B2B sites.

Why Radian Points for

LinkedIn Marketing ?​

Experience in creating content that is suitable for a professional platform like LinkedIn.

Periodic review of the campaign reports with the business owners.

Ability to run the relevant campaign for a niche and be able to set and match the right target audiences for your business.

Regular optimization of the campaigns to constantly increase the ROI.

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