About Radian Points

At Radian Points, we combine global expertise and innovative digital marketing solutions to generate ROI for our client businesses. Our founders, Sid and Naveen, have leveraged their complementary backgrounds to build this company. 

As of April 2024, we are providing services for 20+ clients globally, with clients mainly from India, Ireland, and the USA.

From Chennai to Dublin: How did it happen

Siddharth, a co-founder of Radian Points, after completing his Masters in Data Analytics from Dublin, started to expand his horizons. His professional experience encompasses marketing data analysis, AI algorithm development, website CRO, SEO, and lead generation within multinational corporations. This multifaceted expertise forms the foundation of our company’s strategic approach.

Naveen, another co-founder, also began his journey in Chennai before delving into the world of digital marketing. His deep experience of the industry and visionary outlook were instrumental in establishing Radian Points. He focuses on ensuring that we consistently deliver reliable, top-tier digital services to our clients.

Our Values


  • To enhance the digital marketing effectiveness, offering transparent, data-driven solutions that reliably meet our clients’ goals.
  • To commit to transparency and honesty, ensuring our clients know what works, what doesn’t, and why—guiding them towards sustainable growth.
  • To deliver on our promises reliably and on time with 100% effort, ensuring maximum impact and client satisfaction.
  • To specialize exclusively in digital marketing, focusing our full expertise on driving success for our clients without the distraction of ancillary services like selling online courses etc.,


  • To be the global leader in digital marketing services, recognized for our unwavering commitment to integrity, effectiveness, and client success.

Why Radian Points

  • Transparency: We practice open communication and honest assessments, helping clients understand their marketing landscape and our role within it.
  • Integrity: We stand firm against making unrealistic promises, focusing instead on providing genuine, effective solutions tailored to each client’s needs.
  • 100% Effort: Every project receives our full dedication and effort, reflecting our commitment to achieving the best outcomes and upholding our high standards.
  • Focus: Our specialized approach in digital marketing ensures all our resources are dedicated to what we do best, guaranteeing expert solutions without diversification into unrelated fields like selling online courses etc.,

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Our Leadership Team

Meet Our Leadership Team: Two Visionary Co-Founders, An Expert Secretary, and a Dynamic Director of Business Development, all driving innovation and success at Radian Points.

Naveen Kumar Radhakrishnan, Co-Founder of Radian Points, A Digital Marketing Company

Naveen Kumar

Co-Founder, Head of Operations

Siddharth Thanga Mariappan, Co-Founder of Radian Points, A Digital Marketing Company


Co-Founder, Head of Marketing

Ratish Kama0

Director & Secretary of Irish Operations

Arun Kumar, Director of Business Development in Radian Points, A Digital Marketing Company

Arun Kumar

Director of Business Development

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